Saturday, May 16, 2009

A tourist in my own city

I've been playing tourist in my own city for the past 2 days, wandering around alone.

Yesterday I was unfortunate enough to walk into an impromptu protest in support of the Tamil Tigers. They appeared to hijack 2 lanes of Yonge street, blocking traffic at the busy intersection across from Dundas square (outside an H&M, ha). I am all for people utilizing their right to free speech, but impeding the functions of a major city and putting people at risk is crossing a line. Enough already! The cops need to stand up and take some action. I wish I had some tear gas to spray into the crowd. The majority of protesters also seemed to be teenagers and I don't agree with kids jumping on the political protest bandwagon because it seems cool or because they might get on TV.
Here are some pics I took:

Today I finally ventured into the new Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and checked out the 'Surreal Things' exhibit. Overall, I was underwhelmed but there are a few nice pieces like:
- Meret Oppenheim's 'Table with Bird's Feet,' 1939

- Salvador Dali's 'Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach,' 1938

- and most impressive to me, a small collection of beautiful jewelery by Dali including this (who knew Dali was also a jeweler?):

The End

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