Friday, May 15, 2009


Though hesitant due to the 'Martin Scorsese Presents' stamp, I just got back from seeing the Cannes award winner 'Gommora.'
It is an unflinching, documentary style glimpse into the lives of Italians tainted by organized crime. Unfortunately, while weaving 5 story lines, the film never scrapes beneath the surface of the characters' lives, therefore never allowing the audience to emotionally engage with anyone. Instead, the film works like a portrait of a corrupt system built on and perpetuated by violence and greed. The performances are good and there are some stand out moments (the very last scene and a scene where a character finally takes a stand against the system), but at times I found my mind wandering. The violence in the film is very effective as it is played coldly and flatly, not theatrical or grandiose, and always catches you off guard, occurring at the most unexpected moments.
Random note- it is funny to hear 90s Enigma playing in a sleazy strip club.

The End

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