Friday, May 29, 2009


Modeselektor + Apparat = Moderat
A fusion of Modeselektor's glitchy, hip hop/electro beats and Apparat's evocative, emotive atmospherics and sensibilities, Moderat's self titled album is a strong and diverse collection. Infusing elements of dub and breakstep with hazy, almost shoegazy electronica, the album requires more than one listen to fully take shape. While the tracks featuring guest vocalists ('slow match' and 'sick with it') veer towards a more accessible pop sound, tracks like 'rusty nails' (featuring Apparat's Sascha Ring on vocals) and 'berlin' are quietly beautiful. The standout tracks for me are the opener 'a new error' and 'les grandes marches,' as they blend Modeselektor's beats with the emotional aspects of Apparat's work perfectly, creating music you not only want to move to but can also feel.
Check them out at:
I can't wait to see them live tonight at Circa.
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