Monday, January 25, 2010

Jay Z ft Swizz Beatz- "on to the next one"

Creepy, hot and creative, the Sam Brown directed video for "on to the next one" from Jay Z ft Swizz Beatz is electrifying. It is always refreshing when a hip hop video strays away from the typical formula of flashing cash, hoes and bling (or at least experiments with the formula). This black and white vid does both, throwing in Damien Hirst references, strange characters in skeleton makeup and striking images of bouncing, burning basketballs and bleeding walls while the hoes wear weird makeup, costumes and blood on their lips.

Swizz Beatz's beats and collaborations are always fresh and exciting. He can do no wrong.

Best lyrics from the song:

"No I'm not a Jonas,
Brother I'm a grown up,
No I'm not a virgin,
I use my cojones"

The End

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