Friday, January 15, 2010

'J'ai tué ma mère' / 'I Killed My Mother'

Caught a screening of 'J'ai tué ma mère' / 'I Killed My Mother' last night as part of the Cinematheque's presentation of Canada's Top Ten features of the year. Wow was I disappointed and confused! Why is this film winning so many awards and getting so much hype? Yes the writer/director/main actor is young, but that doesn't change the fact that the film is self indulgent, melodramatic, immature and aggravating. Style over substance. It takes more than a bit of Van Sant style slow motion and a few shots ripped off from Godard to elevate a vacant story. If I wanted to watch a selfish, spoiled, privileged bitch with no real problems (but a hipster haircut) yell at his mother and throw tantrums for 2 hours, I'd pay a visit to the American Apparel in the local mall. Plus he uses "tell me what to swallow" by Crystal Castles. Now no one else can use it! Good performance from Anne Dorval, nice cinematography and good sex scene though.

The End


eduardo said...

Hey... I'd like to see the extract of the movie with the background of Tell me what to swallow but u posted the vid private... Would you mind sharing me a viewing link?

Mark P said...

Hey Eduardo, unfortunately I don't actually have a clip of that scene.