Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Osborne- "16th stage"

Hot Chip's 'Bugged Out Mix' has pretty much been playing non stop in my car and in my room for the past few weeks. The mix is split onto 2 discs, disc #1 being the 'bugged out' part (what Hot Chip has been spinning at clubs for the past few years) and disc #2 is a "playlist for a drunken house-party" dubbed 'bugged in.' Though both are awesome and diverse, I appreciate the variety and surprises of disc #2 (The Andrews Sisters!?) more. Plus, it features the amazing track "16th stage" by Osborne, a quiet, cinematic and moving song that I can't shake out of my head. I only know Osborne from the 'I Love Techno 2009' mix by Crookers that features his track "the count" which is also good.

Listen to "16th stage" here:

The End

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