Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dream Boy

Just got back from seeing 'Dream Boy' at Inside Out. It is based on the book by Jim Grimsley which was very important to me during my early teens.

It stars Stephan Bender (who apparently played the younger version of Clark Kent in 'Superman Returns') and Maximillian Roeg. Both actors are extremely good- and it doesn't hurt that they are easy on the eyes.

Unfortunately, director James Bolton (who spoke at the screening) almost does the book justice- but misses the mark. Though the development of the boys' relationship is beautifully crafted through gestures and stolen glances instead of cliched dialogue; the powerful climax is sucked dry of suspense and emotion by clumsy editing that does not allow the viewer to connect with the violence that ensues or provide time to grasp + grieve in the aftermath. There are many delicate moments in the film that resonate but they are often offset by over the top performances from the supporting cast and moments that are so trite they come off as funny (unintentionally, of course). Overall, the film is not a complete failure and does not ruin the book for me. It just falters and falls short of being excellent.

I have to be up early for work tomorrow, but here are some awesome shots of Marc Jacobs from the upcoming issue of Interview Magazine. I wish Andy was still alive!

And here is a pic of me from last night:

The End

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