Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gregg Araki - 'Kaboom' (Cannes reviews)

Gregg Araki's 'Kaboom' had its premiere at Cannes and the reviews are in.

In an interview with Anthony Kaufman for indiewire, Araki says that he went back to his indie roots with 'Kaboom,' "cut[ting] the whole thing...on Final Cut," and that the film "is definitely an old school Gregg Araki cult movie. For those people who think all of Gregg Araki’s movies suck except ‘Mysterious Skin,’ they’re probably not going to be thrilled. But it was super-fun to make.”
An old school Gregg Araki cult movie?!? Sounds fucking awesome. 'Kaboom' remains the most anticipated release of 2010 for me, despite some of the mixed reviews. While Mike D'Angelo at the AV Club confirms my sentiments, stating, Araki's "maturity + technical skill + deliberate regression = awesome," Guy Lodge at In Connection calls the film "uneven" and in his review of 'Kaboom' for indiewire, Kaufman states that the film never transcends its "silliness" and Araki's "apocalyptic pastiche doesn't feel as urgent — or as subversive — as it once did."

Two previously unreleased clips have appeared:

A moment that reminds me more of Lynch's 'Mulholland Drive' than 'Twin Peaks' which Araki cites as a reference. It also recalls 'Mysterious Skin' with the voice-over and bright, washed out look.

and a scene that reminds me of the moment in 'Nowhere' where the bathroom conversation between Dark and Mel is interrupted by Zero.

Check here for a break down of more reviews and their respective origins.

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