Thursday, November 26, 2009

Trick 'r Treat

I rented 'Trick 'r Treat' (2008) the other night and cannot figure out why the film didn't get a proper theatrical release or distribution deal. It is the funnest horror movie to come along in ages, simply reveling in Halloween lore and atmospherics. It is also very clever with the way it plays with audience expectations. I highly recommend it for any fan of Halloween- the most important holiday in my opinion.
'Trick 'r Treat' isn't a deep, social message carrying film. Instead, it has more in common with some horror movies from the 80s where the goal was to excite and entertain as opposed to beating you in the face with gross out, torture porn imagery like so many recent horror films. At times it is a bit gory and a little bit scary but mostly the film is a just a fun celebration of Halloween and all that the holiday entails.
Structurally, the film tracks four interwoven tales occurring in the same small town on Halloween night. The main thread that unites the anthology is the oddly cute and creepy burlap pumpkin mask wearing character Sam (as seen on the poster). My favourite of the four stories is one that follows a group of young pranksters that go too far when tormenting a girl and pay a fatal price related to a local urban legend about a school bus massacre.
Check out the trailer below and rent it next Halloween. I know I will:

The End

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