Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rob Zombie should be slashed for making 'Halloween II'

I was all excited for the advance screening of Rob Zombie's 'Halloween II' tonight but walked out of the theatre wanting to slash Mr. Zombie for creating such a meaningless, pointless mess. Did a real zombie partially devour Rob's brain since he made the last one?
Featuring plot holes you could bury corpses in, incoherent story points and central characters you hope will get murdered, the film isn't bad- it is a disaster. I am a huge fan of his remake of the original 'Halloween' which makes this even more of a let down.
Side note: In no way is this film "the final chapter" as proclaimed in versions of the poster and trailer. The ending leaves the door wide open for the continuation of the franchise and that is a truly scary thought.

The only good thing about the movie is the remixed version of the original John Carpenter theme (featured in the trailer)- and it isn't even used in the movie!

The End

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