Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Major Lazer

Diplo + Switch = Major Lazer

Picked up 'Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do,' the collabortion/concept album by djs Diplo and Switch (going by the name Major Lazer). A crazy fresh fusion of dancehall, reggae, electro and even some punk riffs, the album is just what is needed to kick start the summer. The cd features vocals by Santigold, Mr. Vegas, Nina Sky, Amanda Blank and a whole crew of people I don't recognize.
As far as the concept goes, Major Lazer is a vampire and zombie-fighting Jamaican cartoon commando with a laser for an arm. See the animated video for the first single "hold the line" below to get a sense of the whole tacky, zany aesthetic:

The animated concept reminds me of what Daft Punk did with their 'Discovery' album, going for that whole anime thing. But I personally like the style of Major Lazer's animation better.
For whatever reason, one of the best tracks is unfortunately left off the album! Download 'zumbi.'

The End

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